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Welcome to the Edmonton Bike Coalition!

We’re working to make human-powered transportation safer for all.

Join us on the journey

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist, a casual rider, or just someone who believes in a sustainable future, we’re excited for you to join us! 

What We Do


Connecting you with events, tools, and other resources and information to help you become a safer, more confident cyclist!


Advocating for bike lanes and safety measures that protect cyclists, pedestrians, and people with mobility restrictions.


Teaching people how to share their lived experiences with decision-makers to push for safer cities and transportation freedom.

About Us

We envision a vibrant Edmonton where cycling is celebrated, promoted, and integrated seamlessly into our daily lives, infrastructure, and culture. We dream of streets where children can ride freely, where commuters opt for two wheels over four, and where the beautiful Edmonton landscape is enjoyed at the leisurely pace of a bike ride.

Become a Local Change Maker!

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Lend a hand in organizing events, leading rides, advocating for policy change, or as a ward ambassador.

We're a community-based organization that thrives because of people who put up their hands to help out!

Speak Up

We've got tools to help you share your personal lived experience, thoughts, and ideas with your elected officials and other decision-makers. 

Share your story now to help improve Edmonton's future!


Learn More

Unsure if we're fighting for what you want?

We've got lots of information about what we're working towards, and why it matters to every Edmontonian.